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Our History

Independently owned, cinderella eyebrow spa is one of the premier Eyebrows and Eyelashes services Spa  in the greater NY region. We strive to provide the finest quality services, incorporating traditional and new holistic treatments in an extremely comfortable and inviting environment. Our reputation is built on professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

Our Staff

Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, the staff at cinderella eyebrow spa is what truly makes our day spa spectacular. Each person has a distinct set of skills and a personality that suits our outlook and our clients. Because we are diverse, we are able to accommodate you with the right fit, ensuring your time spent with us is the most relaxing and rewarding spa experience you will ever have.


cinderella eyebrow spa aims to provide the finest holistic  services in the most comfortable environment.

Latest Beauty Secrets

When it comes to spa treatments and natural beauty secrets, cinderella eyebrow spa is the perfect place to come.